BLOGMAS DAY 12- Why I’m Excited For The Christmas Holidays!


So today I’m explaining why I’m excited for Christmas holidays, since I’m in the northern hemisphere, these aren’t my big summer holidays but just Christmas and La Befana. Befana is a good witch and brings lollies to good people and coal to bad:) I will explain this holiday in a later post of you like!

Anyway, I am literally so excited for the holidays! I think it’s sort of a reminder that school is hal finished, kind of? And that is awesome. 

I also love the holidays because it’s Christmas and I love Christmas! I like the food, the presents, just everything! 

It also means no schoool for two weeks, and that is a blessing from the schooling god of above! Of course, there are occasional public holidays but this and the Easter holidays are our only proper ones! The only downside is our teachers give us homework:(
Let me know why you like school holidays? In your country, are the Christmas holidays also your summer holidays?

Lucia, x.
(I’m sorry this post was so short! Hopefully the next ones will be better!!!)


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