BLOGMAS DAY 13- A Few Christmas Recipes I’d Like To Try

So I was scrolling few some Pinterest boards, and found quite a few cute recipes I’d like to try before Christmas 🎄 
So the first recipe is the Santa’s Favourite Cookies. They seem to be a normal cookie with red and green sprinkles and MnMs mixed through. Very easy and delicious☺️

Next are the classic brownie Christmas trees. They’re again very simple, I think you just cut your brownie into the right shape and the pipe some icing on!

Another cookie recipe, they are absolutely adorable with little polar bear faces. They seem to be dipped in white chcolate and have light blue smarties or MnMs for eyes 👀 

Another I’m sure you’ve seen already are strawberrry Santas. They are just strawberries with freshly whipped cream in the middle and then decorated to look like a little fat Santa 🎅 

Something a bit different, Oreo and peppermint truffles. It seems a bit of a strange combination but im sure they would taste amazing! They’re also covered in white chocolate 🍫 and candy canes☺️

This is also another weird (but probably delicious!) combination. Banana and red velvet.. it looks yum, and is covered in chocolate so it’s a win for me😉

Then we have rice bubbles/krispies reindeer, on a stick. To make these I think you combine the rice bubbles with marshmallows and butter to form a delicious, sticky goodness❤

The next thing is MnMs cookie bars. I think it’s a mix of cake and cookie batter with MnMs. YUM!

Last are some cake balls. These are basically cakepops without sticks, and they’re Christmas themed. I really like them because they’re customisable considering you could use any cake 🎂
Let me know in the comments your favourite out of these recipes. Have you done any Christmas baking yet?

Lucia, x.


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