BLOGMAS DAY 14- Lindt Goldstucke Advent Calendar Review

Hello everybody!

 Today I’m reviewing the Lindt Goldstucke advent calendar. I bought this at the Lindt shop in Foxtown, which is a big outlet centre:) I thought I’d review it, even though it’s probably a bit late to buy it now;)

This is the calendar, and as  you can see, I’m yet to forget to open a day! The calendar is great. It has a mix of different chocolates including milk and white, I don’t think I’ve had any dark yet.. In the smaller doors, you get a small chocolate ball wrapped in a beautiful foil. On the larger doors you get larger balls, similar to the normal Lindt balls:) Some of the chocolates are with a “chcoatey goo” inside, others are just pure chocolate! The actual calendar material is very good quality, and it has a handy stand on the back so it can sit on a shelf or desk:) 

I would definitely reccomend this advent calendar if you’re looking for a Lindt type.
Have you got an advent calendar, what sort? Do you leave the doors open, shut them, or just tear them off?

Lucia, x.


3 thoughts on “BLOGMAS DAY 14- Lindt Goldstucke Advent Calendar Review

  1. castlesandpens13 says:

    I have an advent calendar! It has Santa on it and a Christmas tree. I think it’s a German chocolate company or Swedish? Not sure! But I like to keep the doors a little open but not all the way! My grandma has a really cool advent calendar. It’s a large felt Christmas tree you hang on a door, and there are 25 pockets for Christmas with these beautiful ornaments of different Christmas characters and toys. Each day you pull out that corresponding ornament and stick it on the fabric! It’s always a fun surprise to see what the ornament is each day. ☺️

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