BLOGMAS DAY 15- Girl Online: Going Solo Book Review

Hellooo everybody, today I’m doing a book review, which I know isn’t very Christmassy, but I couldn’t help myself! I just finished Girl Online: Going Solo by Zoë Sugg and LOVED it! Also, there won’t be any spoilers in this review, so if you’re planning on reading it, but don’t want to spoil it for yourself, then you can keep on reading!

Penny’s life is back to normal. As Penny starts the school year she’s ready to face the world – alone. Noah has gone off the radar after ending his world tour and no one, including Penny, knows where he is. So when she accepts Megan’s invitation to visit her performing arts school it seems like an opportunity to make some new friends.

Helping everyone else seems to be the right remedy. Elliot needs her friendship more than ever, and she meets Posey – struggling with stage fright and in need of support. But is charming Scottish boy Callum the right kind of distraction? And can Penny truly move on when Noah’s shadow seems to haunt her round every corner?

I loved this book! It was honestly so well written, and there were numerous times where I literally said “OMG!”. In the book, a few new characters are introduced, including Scottish Callum, and anxious Posey. Both play a very important role in various parts of the book. Penny’s ‘friend’ Megan, has gone off to a performing arts school, Madame Lapage in London. She loves it there, but is struggling with not being the most popular there! At Megan’s school, Penny meets a Scottish boy, Callum. Penny’s not sure, but maybe he’s the right distraction whilst Noah is gone. And then the unthinkable happens. And something big changes everything, *this is one of the parts of the book where I literally gasped”*. Even so, I was very happy with the ending!

I would definitely reccomend this book, but I think you’ll need to read the first To before yiu start this one! A definite favourite of mine, Zoë has done it again! 
Have your read Girl Online: Going Solo? What did you think?

Lucia, x.


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