A Late Welcome To 2017

Hi everybody! 

Sorry for not posting recently, I was taking a break, and then we went away so had no WiFi:/ Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back in the long run now!

So, 2017.. it came around quickly and I’m happy about that, 2016 definitely wasn’t the best year so it’s good to get rid of it. 

This year, one of my main goals is to read lots, so far I’m going well, I’ve read three books and we’re only on the fifth of January. I’m aiming to read around forty books this year, which hopefully will be achieved:) 

Another goal is to completely clear out my bedroom in Canberra. Our house isn’t rented out because my other siblings live there still, but when we left in March 2015, my room became the storage room of everything. It’s literally full to the brim! Along with this goal, I’d like to make a habit of being organised, mostly in my bedroom!

The last goal is to quit biting my nails. I have bitten them for as long as I remember, they are not appealing at all to look at and are often split. I am going to try my hardest to not bite them, and hopefully I’ll go well!
Let me know in the comments one of your 2017 goals! 
Lucia, x.


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