Why Reading Is My Favourite Thing To Do

I love reading. Reading is like an art. It’s a talent. It’s something that not everyone can do. Most people can read words, but not many can truly absorb the words, and become a part of the book.

I read whenever I’m lost, sad, bored, thinking.. I read because it helps me, in so many different ways, personally and educationally. I can take an aeroplane to anywhere, Hogwarts, Prince Edward Island, you name it.. I can escape ugly days, and instead live beautiful ones where I watch from a sideline, as if I had used a pensive, to enter into a specific memory. 

I don’t take reading for granted. Because I know not everybody can. I know that some people have difficulty reading, and I also get really annoyed at people, when they say that they don’t read, because they get bored. Tell me if I’m wrong, but with all the books ever created, there must be one that at least everyone could enjoy. 

I read late at night sometimes, before somebody comes in and tells me to turn off the light. Then I stop. And then continue the story in my head, until I fall asleep. And dream.
Do you read? Why? What do you like about it?

Lucia, x.


9 thoughts on “Why Reading Is My Favourite Thing To Do

  1. Just A Blank Space says:

    I used to read a lot. Sometimes my mom had to take away my books so I would study. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to read a lot anymore. I have way to much to do for school and all my lettering and blogging time takes up my reading time. I have a lot of books next to my desk in my room I need to read right now.

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