My Version of the Pottermore “Tag”!

Hi everyone!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a massive Potterhead, I’m not joking. Recently I’ve seen a lot of people sharing their Patronus, Hogwarts House and that kind of stuff so I thought I’d do the same since I find it really interesting!

My Patronus Guess: Owl or Dolphin 

 Much to my surprise, my Patronus is acutually a Pheasant! I’m not sure what character traits he holds, but I’ll go with it!

My Hogwarts House Guess: Ravenclaw

I think nearly everyone wants to be sorted into Gryffindor, and I actually did! Gryffindors are known for there bravery and courage, and to be honest I don’t think I fit into those two categories but I’m not gonna complain!

My Ilvermorny House Guess: Pukwudgie

I finally guessed correctly! The Pukwudgie, is an extremely fierce and independent animal. The house was named by James Steward.

My Wand:

My wand is Hazel wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 3/4″ and slightly springy flexibility. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about my Harry Potter Info! Let me know yours in the comments below:)

Lucia, x.


11 thoughts on “My Version of the Pottermore “Tag”!

  1. lucia says:

    I’ve gotten both gryffindor and ravenclaw, so I’m a ravendor! I haven’t taken the patrons quiz yet though, and I forgot my ilvermorny house I think it started with a v? Maybe I’m just making that up

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