What I Think of Trump’s Muslim Ban

So as most of you have probably heard, Mr Donald Trump A.K.A the 45th US President, has set a ban into place, where there are some countries (all of these countries have a large Muslim community) from which those citizens can not enter into the U.S.

What does this mean? It means that Trump, overnight, has blocked innocent people from entering his country, in fear that they are terrorists. Because it seems that in Trump’s point of view, ALL Muslims are terrorists. Which is incorrect. Because people in I.S.I.S or any other terrorist, are NOT Muslim, and have something wrong with them. All of this seems pretty barbaric, considering 2/3 of Trump’s wives are immigrants.

It means that some Americans may have to leave the country they call home, because of their ethnicity, their religion.. Can you imagine, having to leave -insert your country here- because a person thinks you are inferior, because you’re a ‘terrorist’, because you have BLACK skin. I can’t imagine that in a million years, yet there are people who have to accept this today.

Why is it that because of our religion, the colour of our skin, our origins, our roots, we are judged? Why is there racism? Why is there war? Why do idiots exist? Why can’t we all agree about the same thing? HOW is it possible that after so many years, we are still like this? Why don’t we accept one another and move on? I’m not sure there will be many people who will live to know the answer.

What are your thoughts on this ban? Are you for or against Trump? Why? Also, if you haven’t already, leave a question or two on this post for my 200 Follower Q&A going up next week!


Lucia, x.


48 thoughts on “What I Think of Trump’s Muslim Ban

  1. Sav the Lion says:

    As a Muslim I’m clearly against Trump and I don’t really need to explain why.

    Questions:when would be the first thing you do if money wasn’t a thing?
    And how do you personally cope when something bad happens? Congratulations on 200 btw

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  2. ES Ordinary says:

    I totally agree with you; that’s why I hate society. Everyday we get judged for our religion, ethnicity, skin colour and appearance and it’s not right. And now that Trump is president he has now made some terrible changes to the US which is gonna affect not only the country but over people especially Muslims. It’s pretty unfair. Great post btw 😊

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  3. bloggingsunsets says:

    I’m pretty sure if those countries banned Americans from entering, no one would say it’s because they’re terrorists, or it’s for safety or something stupid like that. It’s the most disgusting thing that this man is president.

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  4. girly blogger says:

    the people who call Muslims terrorists are idiots! because by a few people (some of them are not even Muslims) they blame a whole religion then may i ask who will they blame for what trump is doing? and it hurts me a lot because i am a Muslim! and actually all what trump is doing everything is just wrong not only with Muslims but with everyone.
    p.s what is the best thing that happened to you? what is one thing that you would go back and change? congrats on 200 followers!! and thank you for this post. xx

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  5. Katie says:

    Trump is not aiming it at all Muslims, the only reason why he wants to build a wall is America has homeless people (and I completely support Trump on building this wall.) Anyways, if America can’t take care of its people America doesn’t need to add more people to the mix. And Trump isn’t say all Black skinned people need to leave America or even Muslim people, he’s simply saying the people who didn’t come here legally need to leave. The immigrants who did what they were soppose to, which is become a US Citizen theirs no problem.

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    • Lucia R says:

      I understand where you’re coming from, but I just don’t understand how overnight, Trump banned so many innocent people from entering the U.S. Even if he isn’t against all Muslims, he is definitely racist.


      • castlesandpens13 says:

        Hi Lucia! I just thought I’d chime in–it wasn’t a matter of “overnight,” because he had been campaigning this months before, so the idea of a temporary immigration ban was to be expected. The goal of this ban was to give the new administration time to figure out how to improve the vetting process, so that it was more efficient and effective. I understand that innocent people were affected by this, but it isn’t permanent–only 90 days or so. This country won’t thrive on open borders, I tell you, because many people that come here don’t come here with the intentions of working, even if so many others that migrate here do. I don’t really think he’s racist (I don’t agree with everything he says, sure), I just think that that the majority of terrorism we’ve seen in the past year has been due to radical Islamic extremists, and we want to ensure the people we are letting in are safe people, which so many are! But how can we know this if we don’t vet them? I’m on the fence on how the issue is being handled, honestly, but at least it’s being handled at all.

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      • Lucia R says:

        I understand your point of view but I still think there is another way Trump could have done this. In Australia, we have strict border security, but we allow people in and so far so good.. I understand that a lot of Americans want to change their country but I just think that Trump may be not doing it the right way.. I find it really sad that people were denied into a country because of their ethnicity and religion:(

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      • castlesandpens13 says:

        I think that’s what most Americans would like: stricter border security. The idea of open borders is scary to so many, so that’s what we’d like to see! I agree that it’s difficult and saddening to deny innocent people–I know so many are good honest people. But like I said, the administration is trying to work out a way to make it where only the good innocent people can come in. It’s only a temporary ban, to get things in order. It’s lifted now *sigh*, so I really don’t know how they’ll accomplish it. But the point is, I think people forget if you’re not a citizen you shouldn’t have the right to just come through. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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  6. Jirah Merizz says:

    This is such a great post, Lucia! I really disliked the thought of banning Muslims in the US. Argh. How can Trump be so close minded and racist? Not all Muslims are terrorists, ffs! I feel bad for the innocent people that he banned :(((

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