Tips For Travelling Overseas

Hey everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed my last post, The Mystery Blogger Award. Today I’m back with a completely different topic, that is travelling overseas.

As a lot of you already know, I have flown from one side of the world to another multiple times since 2015, usually from Milan to Abu Dhabi and then to Australia. I thought I’d share some of the tips I’ve learnt over time!



I remember the first time I flew to Abu Dhabi, I took about ten books in my backpack because I thought I was going to read every second of the fourteen hour flight. Don’t do that, please. On the plane, you’re probably going to be using the in-flight entertainment or watching Netflix on your laptop 90% of the time. If you think you’re going to read during the flight, just  take one book.. you can thank me later!



There’s nothing worse than spilling some tea on yourself and not having any wipes to clean up with, or realising that you’re about to land and your hair’s a mess but you don’t have a hairbrush. Take some of those things with you, only the essentials, maybe your toothbrush and toothpaste and a hairbrush. Or even a sample perfume! Just remember that all of your LAGs (liquids, aerosols and gels) can’t be over 100ml and need to be kept in a ziplock bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre.



When you’re on an aircraft, thousands of kilometres above the ground, it can get a bit cool. Unfortunately, unless you’re flying business or first class, the blankets that your airline provides won’t be enough to keep you warm. Wear a t-shirt with a cardigan and jumper over it, there’s nothing stopping you taking some of the layers off if you get too hot!



You are likely to become dehydrated during the flight thanks to the aircon on-board. Always get a drink when the flight attendants come around, it’s best to get water (that’s coming from me who likes coke at breakfast on the plane!). Take an empty water bottle too, that way you can fill up whenever needed.


These are just a few travel tips that I use! Let me know your favourite travel tip in the comments below:)


Lucia, x.



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