Valiant Blogger Award

One of probably my best blogging friends, Ji, nominated me to do the Valiant Blogger Award, so thank you so much. This award was created by Liz C. Also, if you wish to read some of the amazing posts written by other bloggers, this is the link to the Hall of Valor.

These are the rules:



The greatest challenge of my life (so far) in 2o0 words.


The greatest challenge of my life so far has been the death of my Grandpa last April.
I thought I’d experienced hard things, heartbreak after a death, but no, I hadn’t.
It is physically impossible to share how you feel after something like this happens, you can’t explain it in any way possible, the only way to understand is to of felt it yourself, until then it is impossible.
I wouldn’t say have completely gotten through it yet, but I am certainly a lot better than I was in the beginning.
I am getting through it okay, I am killing grief you could say.
I like to look at old photos and read letters, that helps a lot. Because even if Grandpa can’t be with me now, even though Grandpa is now just someone else lost into the depths of not being able to live forever, he can live on.
I will often write too, sometimes I write by hand, other times I just save another draft on my blog but don’t post it.
There are so many challenges in life, and I will get through them one by one, even if it takes me til my last breath.


Don’t do anything that doesn’t make you happy. Don’t do things to please others. Do things for YOU because only then will you be happy, only then will you succeed. Make sure you do that, because otherwise, what’s the point?


Thank you so much again to Ji for nominating me for this amazing award. I nominate Elm, and I think most of you know why.. just read some of her posts, you will see how motivated she is to succeed.


See you on Friday!


Lucia, x.


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