I’m Lucia, a twelve year old Australian learning about life and complaining about homework. I won’t explain my story, it’s too long and boring, but please let me know about yours. 

I like to read a lot, and whilst doing so end up crying, a lot. I envy other blogs, talk about mine in a crappy way, but that’s okay, because I’m learning, just like everyone reading this.

 I don’t have a set goal in life, I’d say I want to just be happy, but that’s cheesy and impossible, for me anyway. I try and make friends at school, but maybe they don’t want to be friends with me? Harry Potter and J.K Rowling guided me through Year 3 and 4. 

I’m an average person, maybe different below the surface, but I don’t aspire to show my proper self here, that would be strange, because this blog isn’t anonymous!
Thanks for reading my boring about page,

Lucia, xx.

67 thoughts on “About

  1. Its A Tween Life Admin says:

    Hey Lucia,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! Honestly, I think it’s so brave to like being weird. As I always say: “How would he world
    be without weird peoples?” I’m so happy you embrace weirdness. I think it would be so awesome to collab with you and other blogs. (Make like, a HUGE collab) I also hope you will enjoy my blog lots! If you have some teen, tween, or any blogger in mind that you think would be awesome to collab with, you can email me (My email is down below) and\or comment or reply to this um.. comment? Thank you!

    Quick Note: Love what you said about the world and how it’s full of danger. At least we are hopeful, right?

    Thanks again!

    Evelynn xx😘

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    • Lucia R says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment Evelynn, you’ve made my day! I will definitely email you with some blogs that are ah-mazing! The world would be so boring without weirdness and uniqueness (if that’s a word!) Our world needs some peace, doesn’t it… Oh and I love your blog! It looks gorgeous xxx P.S would you mind giving your or your blogs email to me? I couldn’t see it on your blog or on the beautiful comment that you left me:)

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  2. koi says:

    gosh you’re so mature and a great person (not to mention someone who is aware about the worlds happenings) for someone who is young!
    //when i was around your age I was obsessed with video games and drawing rip

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    • Lucia R says:

      Thanks. I am here in Italy with my parents, my 4 siblings are already old enough to live on their own (21-26). So when I go out to dinner or anything, I’m hearing adults discussing political issues and stuff which I like to take part in talking about!

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  3. cherrysblogoflife says:

    Just noticed you followed my blog, first of all thankyou so much x and second I really love your blog and will for sure be keeping updated with it! Keep up the good work x:)

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  4. Elm says:

    yey, I don’t think I told you before but I LOVE your about page and your blog in general. You’re such a nice person and the comments you leave on my blog make me so happy, because you always seem to spread positivity! Just thought I’d say it here πŸ™‚

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    • Lucia R says:

      Hey Elm! Thank you so much. I think that there’s so much negativity and hatred in the world so my blog is (usually!!) a place where there is positive content because sadly, in real life, there’s up really not a lot of it:( But in the blogging world, especially on yours, there is always something bright and happy to read which is nice! I’m glad you like the about page as well, although it’s probably due for an update! Lucia, xx.

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  5. TrainOfThought says:

    Have to agree with you on how unfair the world is so much poverty, war etc… It’s good to hear that your blog brings more positivity into this world! Austrailia, Italy! Wow, i just live in boring old London *sigh*

    I love baking, science, reading and writing and being weird. correction. Being weird all the time!

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  6. insanitydiariesblog says:

    Hey! I’ve just found your blog and scrolling through it has really inspired me. This is going to sound weird but you’re like the blogging version of me at your age. I LOVE reading and I’m wondering if you have any other book recommendations? I can already tell you’re going to be one of my favourite blogs to follow!

    You go girl, you’re brilliant!

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    • Lucia R says:

      Hey! Thank you for your lovely comment:) for book recommendations, Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon and then there are loads of amazing books written by Rainbow Rowell:) Let me know what you think of them!


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