High School

So today I had an appointment with the principal/director of the high school I want to go to, starting in 2017. If you live in a country like the U.S.A or Italy, then you will be thinking that high school is from age 14-18 and grades 9-12, in Australia it’s different. In Oz we start high school from age 11-12 and finish at 18 (usually), the grades are from 7-12.

Next year, I should be starting year 7, as I’m turning 12 in October (2016). However, as most of you already know, I currently live in Italy. For those that didn’t already know, long story short, my Dad’s work contract over there finishes in April 2017, I should be starting school in February.

The principal didn’t think that it would be a major set back to start late but in my opinion it is. Basically, everyone says that it’s quite a big ‘transition’ from grade 6 (which I didn’t even do) to grade 7. So by starting in the April, it would take me longer to settle in, as all the other students will have already. The other big thing for me is camp. I didn’t get to partake in grade 5 or 6 camp which I was quite upset about. The principal emphasized quite a bit that the camp was a great way of the students to get to know each other and that the girls (it’s not a co-ed school) get to do lots of great activities.

However, he has said that we have time to decide about when I will start.. Hopefully I can convince my parents to let me start at the beginning of the school year, hopefully.


Have any of you guys been in the same position? What did you and your family decide? 



Until the next post,



6 thoughts on “High School

  1. happyalexx says:

    Unfortunately I have little experience with this, as I started high school the ‘ordinary’ way. I definitely feel you should have a say in what happens, but I’m sure the school will everything it can to help you settle in better. When starting high school every is a little nervous for the first few months anyway so hopefully your peers will understand. After a little while, I’m sure you’ll find a nice friendship group and enjoy the experience. Challenge your set backs, you have the strength to do well in whatever you do!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    anonymous: im homeschooled, it may be an option for you, you can learn anything you would learn at school, either online, or in books (year books & text books) at home!

    let me know what you think!

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