Overpriced Pencils

Hi… I’m sure you’re quite confused about the title, I would be too!

My cousin Clare (who is 14), and one of her good friends Ieesha  told me they enjoy reading my blog whilst bored in science class. Their next comment was telling me to write more dramatic posts and less baking. I thought that was quite hilarious so I asked Clare and Ieesha to give me a list of 5 dramatic posts to write about, these were the subjects:



Drop Bears

Meaning of Life

Leonardo DiCaprio

Overpriced Pencils


Although quite random, I decided to entertain Ieesha and Clare and write them the first of the five, very weird, but more dramatic posts; overpriced pencils, enjoy!!


So, I decided to see what a simple led pencil would cost from Woolworths, Coles, Target, BigW, Typo and Smiggle!!

Woolworths: At woolies you can buy a 5 pack of Woolworths Essentials Lead Pencils for $2, so 40 cents per pencil. 

Coles: At Coles you can buy a 3 pack of Faber Castell Pencils Grip Hb for $3.30, so $1.10 per pencil.

Target: at Target you can buy a pack of 9 Lego pencils, which includes two pencil toppers, for $15, so roughly $1.55 per pencil.


BigW: at BigW you can buy a pack of 5 Lead HB pencils for $2, so 40 cents per pencil.

5-Pack Lead HB Pencils



Smiggle: at Smiggle you can buy 1 lead pencil for $1.50.






Typo: at Typo you can buy a pack of 6 lead HB pencils for $7.99, so $1.33 per pencil.

pencil me in 6pk










So I’ve come to the conclusion that the cheapest pencils can be bought from BigW and Woolworths, and the most expensive are from Target.


From most expensive to cheapest:

  1. Target
  2. Smiggle
  3. Typo
  4. Coles
  5. BigW and Woolworths




So thank you to Clare and Ieesha for this very strange and unusual at the least blog post idea..


Lucia, x.


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