1/17th of the FPOB Collab

Hey everyone and welcome to a very exciting post!

Today I’m sharing with you my part of this collaboration (there’s 17 of us), called Favourite Part of Blogging. It was created by Shania @ Life as Shania. The people involved in the collab are:


Mahriya/Train of Thought







Closet Readers

The Stylish Dreamer


My Crazy Obsession With Books




Brookie/Ellyn Kim

Midnight Ranter/Ayaka



So… my favourite part of blogging.

If I’m honest, there are a lot of ”elements” that create that one part. Basically the elements are  the atoms, lots of atoms placed together make a molecule (or the ”part” in my case), and then lots of different molecules (the parts), create a substance (in my case, blogging).

I love meeting new people, and I love finding out about new blogs. To me, WordPress (and any other blogging platform really!), is like a massive school filled with people that like to write, or rant, or share their drawings. It’s like a ginormous place to socialise. And that’s what I love about it.

People are literally always there for you.. You might remember when I posted about the loss of my Grandpa, the amount of support and comments I got, were probably more than I got from my friends in real life.

When you need it most, the blogging community comes together, and helps you, or guides you, through whatever is going on, and that is just one of the many beautiful things about blogging.

I love blogging, I do. Even though there have been times, where I’ve had no worry whatsoever in not blogging, or writing, I always seem to come back. There must be a reason about why I do come back, but even I don’t know it.. I just know the effect of it:)


If you participated in this collaboration, please link it to me in the comments, I would love to read it!


Thank you so much for reading this, it means a lot.


Lucia, x.



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